Super Don Quix-ote - Owners Manual (27 pages)
Super Don Quix-ote - Schematics (6 pages)
Super Don Quix-ote - DIP Switch Settings

Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Longer Scenes)
Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Shorter Scenes)
Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Shorter Scenes, Alternate)

Super Don Quix-ote Virtual Library - Images and information of the major components



Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer LD-V1000

Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Service Manual (81 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Schematics (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 
- Cleaning optics (1 page)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Changing laser tube (3 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Laserdisc Player Conversion Manual (8 pages)

Standard LD-V1000 firmware required - The LD-V1000 players that were used in the game Badlands contain firmware that was modified by Konami.  The EPROM in these players must be restored to Pioneer's original firmware to work in Super Don Quix-ote.
Download the standard Pioneer LD-V1000 EPROM image.

Conversion Cards - LaserAce will let your laserdisc game use a variety of different laserdisc players.  Unfortunately these cards are no longer in production, but might still be found on eBay or the D-L-P Classifieds.



Game Conversion Info - Super Don Quix-ote was released in a dedicated cabinet and as a conversion kit.  Because it used a Pioneer LD-V1000, most of the kits went into Dragon's Lair games.  Pictures of both cabinets can be seen in the Cabinets section of this site.

LD-V1000 Boot Switch - A simple inexpensive way to build a switch that issues a play command to your LD-V1000 or LD-V1001Check it out here.


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