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PHILIPS 22VP931 - This is an NTSC laserdisc player that was used in Fire Fox and Freedom Fighter.

For information on cleaning & repairing the Philips 22VP931, check out the Fire Fox Laserdisc Repair Guide authored by Doug Jefferys.  It should tell you everything you need to know to get your game working again!

Philips 22VP931 Manual (.pdf) 51 pages (16.4M)
22VP931 Command Set and other info for the Phillips 22VP931

PHILIPS 22VP932 - This is a PAL laserdisc player that was used in Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (Euro / Atari) and (Italian / Sidam) release.

Philips 22VP932 Service Manual (.pdf) 95 pages (10.3 M)

PHILIPS VP-380 - This is an NTSC / PAL laserdisc player that was used in Dragon's Lair II (Euro / Atari) and (Italian / Elettronolo) release.

Philips VP-312 - VP-380 Owners Manual (.pdf) 24 pages (2.6 M)
Philips VP-380 Service Manual (.pdf) 67 pages (6.1 M)

PHILIPS VP-406 - The Philips VP406 is a PAL only player that was not used in any laserdisc arcade games. It's a professional grade laserdisc player that can be controlled via serial port and can be used as replacement player in Euro/Sidam DL/SA machines when using Matteo Marioni's EuroDL conversion.

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