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Re: Firefox tech help, please. :-)

Posted by Ruben on 6/27/2001 6:00:30 AM

First of all make sure that the voltages to the game PCB are right. If you are using the Atari "power supply of death" (2x Audio Reg) then get rid of it and use a switching supply (I use a 250W PC type).

The game board will not try to communicate to the LDP unless it knows the LDP is connected and turned on. How it knows it is connected is via the OPRT (Operational) signal, which is an active low open collector input on the LDP. Make sure that the OPRT signal is connected.

A quick way to check to see if the game thinks that the LDP is connected is to disconnect the video cable from the LDP while the communications cable is still connected. The game should watchdog reset and the video should go out of sync. This happens because the game uses the sync from the LDP video for video timing (when the LDP is connected) and if vsync is out by around 3ms or times-out (no video) the game resets.

If you have the signals wired properly (at least OPRT and ground) and the game does not reset with no LDP video connected then check the voltage level of OPRT. If it is +5V the problem is with your LDP (TR6112). If it is 0V then check for 0V on pin 15 on the buffer at 7J on the game CPU PCB. If it is 0V then the buffer is faulty otherwise you have wired OPRT wrong or there is a bad connection somewhere.

If everything above checks out okay then make sure you have the communications signals between the game and the LDP wired correctly. Make sure the reset signal is connected to the LDP as the LDP CPU can crash when the game boots or if it resets. If it still doesn't work then there is either a problem with your game PCB (7J, 6H, 7H, or 2F) or with your LDP (IC6206, IC6207, IC6208, or the processor is not running/crashed).

PS. Thanks for the heads-up on the Euro DL PCB and to those who wanted it but didn't bid on it! :)

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